Eucalyptus Leaves for Stuffy Nose Helps in Coronavirus

Eucalyptus leaves for many centuries has been used to cure cold and cough.

Coronavirus causes lasting lung damage.

Recovery from lung damage takes time it can be months.

So we do have alternate method to cure cold and cough by inhaling eucalyptus leaves.

Eucalyptus oil vapor acts as a decongestant when inhaled.

So if a person having coronavirus in the initial stages inhales eucalyptus oil vapor to get rid of stuffy nose then the probability of that person to get his lung damaged by coronavirus gets reduced to a greater extent.

Clinical study states that inhaling eucalyptus for five minutes results in a cooling sensation and increased nasal flow in people with upper respiratory tract infection.

It helps in speed recovery of the sense of smell in people with dyssomnia.

All these things make eucalyptus a alternate natural herbal medicine for coronavirus.

Now why do we need such natural herbs to fight against coronavirus?

Antibiotic resistance is causing many to die because of coronavirus.

There is one article based on covid effects of lungs and why we need eucalyptus as alternate medicine to treat coronavirus.

Pneumonia becomes difficult to treat because of antibiotic resistance so a patient with coronavirus and antibiotic resistance cannot be cured suffering from pneumonia.

Herbal medicines are natural and people with antibiotic resistance can use herbal medicines like eucalyptus leaves to treat cold and cough.

Based on research eucalyptus has shown that it can decrease mucus relieves cold symptoms like cough frequency, nasal congestion and headache by decreasing inflammation and mucus buildup.

Eucalyptus contains a compound called eucalyptol, which has been found to decrease nasal congestion, cough frequency, and cold related headaches.

If we will see the statistics of coronavirus

Many have died mainly due to congestion in lungs.

There can be many people who had antibiotic resistance and they too have died because of coronavirus.

Each year an estimated 2 million people in the U.S develop infections that are resistant to antibiotics. in some cases, these infections result in death.

Resistance also makes it more difficult to care for people with chronic diseases. Sometimes people need medical treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, or dialysis, and thy sometimes take antibiotics to help reduce the risk of infection.

Eucalyptus is a excellent herbal medicine to fight against coronavirus.

The Retired Millionaire Product – Opportunity Or Dead End?

Are you one of the many who have recently received an invitation from The Retired Millionaire inviting you to buy his bag of tricks from 15 years of internet marketing? If the answer is yes, what may you expect to receive and how relevant is the product for today’s market? Having been a recipient of the email myself, I decided to research whether The Retired Millionaire product is an opportunity or dead-end.

What you are offered: clicking onto the web site invites you to take the opportunity of a lifetime to get a complete package of “tricks, methods and secrets” that includes, websites, products to sell, step-by-step guides, tutorials and 11,00 written articles.

What you get: buying the product gets you sent to the main website to read two guides to internet marketing. As promised, there is also the next set of e-books for you to read before being shown to the products you can sell. The fourth steps sends you to a free website where you can promote these products, but this is where the lines blur a little. You may find you are only eligible to market a few for free before being asked to purchase a programme enabling you to submit them to search engines to make them visible to major traffic.

So, is The Retired Millionaire product an opportunity or a dead-end? The gentleman himself appears quite upfront about his motive for selling his product when he says “I’ve found ways to milk the `internet for all its worth, and I found a way to do it in as little time as possible!” – which is a direct quote from his email.

At first glance, it seems an incredibly good opportunity to gain helpful and useful information you can use for yourself. However, reading further down the webpage, I was struck by the fact that the dates on the bank statements appeared to be from 2006-2007.

If you want an up-to-date training product – this probably isn’t it. There is a strong possibility it has been around for a number of years already and that raises a question as to whether the content is relevant for today’s market. Add to that the other possibility that the 11,000 articles have done the rounds by many marketers over the years, it may prove to be difficult to publish them as your own original work. However, if you are new to internet marketing, it may be a useful low-cost exercise in getting to grips with some aspects of web business and give you practice in starting-up for yourself.

Make Your Passion for Fun A Key Part When Seeking New Product Opportunities

Most people lead rather ordinary lives, built around family, job, church and hobbies. This is fine for most. The need to pay the bills leads many to engage in work that is unfulfilling, boring and stifling. That so many people work at energy sapping employment should be a motivating factor in seeking entrepreneurial opportunity. Sadly, most people are totally risk averse and eliminate themselves from the potential rewards available almost exclusively to entrepreneurs.The perceived risk taker (the entrepreneur) is, in actuality, not the real risk taker. The real risk taker is the person willing to work a dull job, for average pay, letting life fly by without ever knowing the excitement of being in the fray. This person leaves life without ever having made a mark. Looking back on a journey that did not include excitement, change and risk would seem to reflect an empty, unfulfilled life lived.Entrepreneurs crave change, excitement, competition and risk, understanding that these are the defining hurdles to be overcome if success is to be achieved. The ability to test oneself against the overwhelming mass of competitive opportunities available in the marketplace is a narcotic to serial entrepreneurs. They might not always succeed, but they will always try.Most new products are developed from an entrepreneur’s life experience. The hundreds of new product ideas I review each year are overwhelmingly skewed to hobby: pet, cosmetic, sporting goods and children’s products. And overwhelmingly, these offerings can be described as having a fun component.Would it surprise you to know that the toy industry is 60% smaller than the pet product market? It did me! However, I have seen a dynamic at work in many product categories that I think explains this surprising number. I call it “Passion for Fun”. Golfers, hunters (and fisherman) and pet owners are among the most passionate people I interview. They are intensely immersed in all aspects of their passion. Maybe toy manufacturers are not making hot new toys, or parents are spending more money on educational products, but I know parents love their children. They just are not passionate about toys.An avid outdoorsman will buy any and every product that might potentially provide them an edge when hunting or fishing. More strikes for a fisherman, closer and clearer shots for a hunter, more fish caught and more game killed is the goal of every sportsman. They are passionate about their sport and keen to know of any product that will increase their success and their fun.Pet owners are every bit as passionate about their animals. Sharing one’s home with an animal is a statement of commitment, sharing and passion in itself. Pet toys, exercisers, top grade foods, and even vitamin enriched bottled waters are huge sellers to pet owners as they pamper their animals. The joy pet owners receive from sharing their lives with a loved pet is highly rewarding. Watching a child play with a puppy, or kitten, is one of parent’s most valued memories.Golfers share the same commitment to expanding their enjoyment of every aspect of the golfing experience. I review more golf products every year than any other single category. In every instance, the entrepreneur believes they have developed a product that will improve golf performance, lower scores and increase the play experience. These entrepreneurs are always golfers with passion, looking to provide an edge through the unique features contained in their invention.Passion for fun entrepreneurs, because of the love they have for their hobby or sport, provides products that represent joy to them. It is so much easier to succeed with a product that screams leisure, happiness or fun. The ability to build an exciting new product opportunity that provides a fun feature and benefit to an area of passion is a dream come true for these entrepreneur’s.My father worked a dead end job. He was intensely unhappy that life had passed him by (his words). He told me as a young man, “do something that is fun, not work”. Work and fun mean different things to different people. Some people are happiest at work, no matter the type of work: it identifies them. Invariably this type of person is an entrepreneur. They enjoy the work because they own the business.Most people, however, would rather make a living from “fun” work. Working as a golf pro, sportscaster, artist, writer, personal trainer or coach are just a few jobs that many people would describe as fun and rewarding. Most of the products that I review, and that succeed in the marketplace, offer features and benefits providing a way to deliver more fun to passions and hobbies.I do review many work-related products, as well. Many of these have huge potential. The ability to provide an advance in wellness, technology or e-commerce can be hugely lucrative. As a capitalist I love these projects. Nevertheless, the real fun and passion I view when working with hobby, fun related products is usually absent from industrial inventions.Novel hobby and sport related products are often more easily conceived, easier to patent and trademark and more easily designed and manufactured than most industrial products. The capital required to launch a pet exercise toy can be a fraction of a mechanical tool or technology. Often times, we utilize the inventor of a fun product as the branding spokesperson for the item. The passion for fun that the entrepreneur has vested in their product is contagious and transfers to greater sales and believability.When aspiring entrepreneurs are seeking a product to create and market we strongly advise that they look around the house or garage. What is their true passion? What provides enjoyment, happiness and a feeling of contentment? When they scrap book, assemble model planes, play chess, golf, swim, or read, is there something that they often think would improve the experience. This is the surest way to discover potential opportunity in an area of great interest. You can invent that new product, and it will be rewarding to you and every user as your entrepreneurial career commences.

Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Diseases – What is the Link?

Has the link to the leaky gut and autoimmune disease become more clear? I believe it has and researchers from Canada have helped by a nice review on intestinal permeability in the British journal Gut.Dr. J. B. Medding and his colleagues in Edmonton, Alberta Canada (Arrieta, Gut, 2006) describe how the intestine serves as a barrier when normal but becomes a source of the genesis of autoimmune diseases when it becomes abnormally permeable. That is, when your gut becomes leaky (“the leaky gut syndrome”) several autoimmune diseases are known to occur.Intestinal permeability (how leaky the gut has become) can be evaluated in a manner specific to various sites in the gut. That is, the different areas of the gut, from stomach to large intestine, can be evaluated by specific tests for leakiness and related to damage and disease in those areas. Areas of leaky gut can be observed prior to the onset of disease and appear to be involved in the development of disease, especially autoimmune diseases like Celiac disease, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, as well as skin diseases like atopic dermatitis, rheumatologic conditions, and even irritable bowel syndrome.The authors propose a new paradigm consisting of “three main features…(1) A genetically susceptible immune system (the mucosal immune system), that allows the host to react abnormally to an environmental antigen.(2) An environmental product that triggers the disease process.(3) The ability for the environmental agent to interact with the mucosal immune system. Since the purpose of the epithelial barrier is to keep these two factors separate, and we measure this function of the barrier by permeability, the corollary of this is that an increase in permeability is a requirement for disease expression.”What does this mean in lay terms and in relationship to the concept of the leaky gut syndrome? The gut or intestine is supposed to be a barrier to foreign proteins like foods and bacteria. If your immune system is genetically predisposed to react adversely to a certain food proteins and/or bacteria in your gut (or nerves, skin or joints) you may react with activation of damaging chemicals intended to protect you from foreign invaders that instead damage your gut making it more leaky and more vulnerable as well as your nerves, skin, and joints.Leaky gut begets leaky gut. What results is more damage to your gut. Food and bacterial proteins can act together to damage the gut and allow toxic protein complexes to get through the gut that is normally supposed to be resistant to such a breach. Once in your blood stream, foreign proteins may initiate abnormal reactions that cause irritation to your brain, nerves, skin and/or joints.What many of you and I experience then are symptoms such as abdominal pain and bloating, gas, diarrhea, headaches, nerve pain, skin rashes and joint aches. The diagnoses that result are Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, migraines, attention deficit, autism, depression, eczema, acne, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue etc. etc.What really concerns some of us with personal and professional experience with this and who are passionately interested in this area is that there is an explosion of autoimmune diseases occurring right under our nose yet most doctors and lay public are missing the connection. Many people are being diagnosed with multiple conditions without anyone making the connection of the overload of our gut with certain foods that may be causing much of these illnesses. All of the problem foods have specific food proteins or lectins that are difficult to digest and potentially toxic to the gut. In particular if the food has been genetically engineered or modified their lectins may be more toxic to humans. Stay tuned for more on this exciting area, as I continue writing on the relationship of food, gut and disease. As your food doctor, the food doc, I hope to help you find the information you need to eat right to feel right even if your doctors are not making the connection.Bibliography:Arrieta MC, Bistritz L, Meddings, JB. Recent advances in clinical practice. Alterations in intestinal permeability. Gut 2006;55:1512-1520.